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As parents we all have deeply rooted hopes and dreams for our children, and know that education plays a crucial role in our children developing to their full potential. But did you know that missing two days of school per month can cause your child to fall behind - even as early as pre-school?  It can make it harder for your child to learn to read and to learn basic math skills. Missing 2 days of school per month adds up to missing 10% of the school year. This is called chronic absenteeism. 

When our children miss school for any reason, whether they are excused absences or not, they miss out on valuable classroom interactions, vital academic lessons, and fun extracurricular activities. They also aren’t able to practice social-emotional skills that are essential for managing stress, gaining self-confidence, and building positive relationships. 

As parents, our involvement and support play an invaluable role in our children’s educational journey.  By making sure our children have good attendance, we can send a powerful message that education matters, and that it paves the path to future success. 

Here you’ll find resources such as tips and tricks, how to track your child’s attendance, how to plan for challenges, support for anxiety-related absences and more.  If you’re having challenges with getting your child to school, whether it’s due to transportation, chronic health issues, mental health or safety concerns, please reach out to the school’s office so that they can problem-solve with you. When we work together, we can pull on the strengths of the home and the school to get our children in class, on track, and ready to thrive.

Tips for Families to Support School Attendance

Help your child understand that school is their very first job!

Help your child develop good habits 

When your child is sick

Appointments and vacations


Anxiety-Related Attendance Issues - English

Anxiety-Related Attendance Issues - Spanish

Attendance Everyday Video - Spanish


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Elementary - Parents - English

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Secondary - Parents - English

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